Virtual Private Server

Enjoy advanced VPS hosting at an affordable price with our powerful virtual private servers. Using the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors, and RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SAS disks, we have created one of the UK's most advanced virtual server platforms.

Create your own custom VPS

If you have a busy, demanding or mission-critical website, use our customisable VPS hosting to take control of your resources. Choose the VPS hardware specifications, disk types (standard or SSD) operating system, control panel and billing period right for you.

VPS Hosting Features

All these features come as standard with every ne42-hosting Virtual Private Server

  Base Plus Pro
Raid 10
SSD Disks Optional Optional Optional
Network Speed 100Mbit 100Mbit 100Mbit
Free Dedicated IP Address
Full Root Access
Out of band SSH access
Snapshot back-ups Optional Optional Optional
Dell PowerEdge server
Plesk Optional Optional Optional
cPanel Optional Optional Optional
99.99% SLA
Fully scalable resource allocation
One click install scripts (incl. WordPress & Magento)

VPS Technology

We've used our years of web hosting expertise to develop our own powerful VPS platform from the ground up using some of the industry’s best hardware. This means you benefit from a bespoke, solid hosting environment that meets your needs at every level.

    Take advantage of:
  • The latest generation of Dell PowerEdge r7xx series servers - optimised for virtualisation - for ultimate stability
  • 8 x 10k SAS disks (per physical server) for primary storage. In a RAID-10 array, they provide full storage redundancy and high-speed access to data.
  • top-end PERC RAID card with battery-backed cache, which ensures the integrity of your data with no storage bottlenecks
  • Flash memory for the boot volume, for faster booting and to minimise downtime during upgrades.
  • 16 Intel Xeon cores (per physical server) - designed for heavy server workloads.
  • 192GB of RAM to accommodate the future memory needs of each virtual server.

As your requirements grow, your VPS can be upgraded to meet them. All VPS can be fully customised post-purchase; only a reboot is required for them to take effect. All upgrades are pro-rated from point of purchase. 

KVM Virtualisation

KVM is a hypervisor that integrates deeply with the host OS, ensuring that each VPS, whether it is running Linux or Windows, can use the hardware to its maximum potential. 

One-click install apps

Install leading open source scripts such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and many more in one click (CentOS OS only). 

Multiple uses

Use your Virtual Server for more than just hosting your website. A VPS is also perfect for use as a file, database, email, or gaming server 

VPS Web Hosting

All our virtual private servers are hosted on genuine Dell Servers built for virtualisation.